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Reducing the damage of a heart attack

Cardiology researchers have discovered how a key protein can help the heart regulate oxygen and blood flow and repair damage. » Read more Source: Science Daily

Not smoking and being socially active keys to longevity

Researchers have discovered some of the secrets to longevity with new research revealing not smoking and being social engaged throughout older age are common traits of New Zealand centenarians. » Read more Source: Science Daily

Repeated head impacts associated with later-life depression symptoms, worse cognitive function

In the largest study of its kind, an association has been found in living patients exposed to repetitive head impacts and difficulties with cognitive functioning and depression years or decades later. » Read more Source: Science Daily

Mounting clues suggest the coronavirus might trigger diabetes

Evidence from tissue studies and some people with COVID-19 shows that the virus damages insulin-producing cells. » Read more Source: nature

Excretion of sugar into stool’? New action of anti-diabetic drug discovered

A research team has discovered that metformin, the most widely prescribed anti-diabetic drug, causes sugar to be excreted in the stool. Taking advantage of the new bio-imaging apparatus PET-MRI, they revealed that metformin promotes the excretion of blood sugar from the large intestine into the stool. This is a completely new discovery that was not […]

Slow, steady increase in exercise intensity is best for heart health

For the vast majority of people, the benefits of physical exercise outweigh the risks. However, for those who have inadequate training or who have underlying heart problems that may not have been detected, the risks of heart issues from extreme exercise, such as participation in marathons and triathlons, are increased. » Read more Source: Science […]

6 bedtime drinks that can boost weight loss overnight

For a long time, the general consensus among health experts was that we should limit what we consume in the hours before going to sleep. Eating or drinking before bedtime would add extra calories and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. While this may be true when you eat a smorgasbord shortly before […]

Alzheimer’s Risk May Be Reduced by Eating Apples and Other Foods Rich in Flavonoids

Researchers say flavonoids found in fruits, vegetables, chocolate, tea, and wine may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. They report that study participants who consumed the most flavonoids had a 48 percent lower chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Experts say a healthy diet, including foods with flavonoids, as well as lifestyle factors like exercise […]

For older adults, more physical activity could mean longer, healthier lives

Two studies demonstrate that older adults may be able to live longer, healthier lives by increasing physical activity that doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective, according to preliminary research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention | Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health Scientific Sessions 2020. » Read more Source: Medical Xpress

The surprising link between coffee and bone health

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong found that coffee lovers tend to have stronger bones than their non-coffee drinking peers. Specifically, they found a robust association between habitual coffee consumption and the prevention of bone fractures in later life. The results are both surprising and significant because they run counter to decades of prior […]