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How to Get Over an Allergy Cough

An allergy cough happens when you breathe in a substance (allergen) that your immune system recognizes as dangerous, though it’s not. The cough is typically dry and non-productive, meaning it doesn’t bring up mucus. It is sometimes described as having a “barking” or “hacking” sound. Read more Source: Verywell Health

1 in 3 adults with type 2 diabetes may have undetected cardiovascular disease

Researchers say one-third of people with type 2 diabetes may have undetected cardiovascular disease. In a new study, the researchers reported that many people with type 2 diabetes had elevated levels of two proteins associated with heart disease. Read more Source: Medical News Today

Should dieters focus on feeling full after a meal, rather than calorie counting, for best results?

Researchers compared the effects of a diet focused on food choices with those of a diet focused on calorie counting. Both diets led to similar small losses on weight circumference after a year, although neither led to significant weight loss. Read more Source: Medical News Today

Commonly used heart disease drugs may reduce the risk of post-stroke dementia

A study has found that two cheap, common drugs used to treat heart and circulatory disorders may help improve cognitive function after a lacunar stroke. Read more Source: Medical News Today

Experts examine the safety of probiotics

A new review, published in Gut Microbes by experts in probiotic science, considers whether emerging evidence raises any new safety concerns for probiotics. The review provides a comprehensive list of potential probiotic risks, along with recommendations for assessing whether a given probiotic product is safe. Read more Source: Medical Xpress

Obstructive sleep apnea and cognitive decline: Study suggests direct link

A study finds that obstructive sleep apnea can result in a loss of cognitive function. The study indicates that loss of cognitive function from obstructive sleep apnea can occur as early as middle age in men. Read more Source: Medical News Today

Bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine shown to be highly effective in reducing deaths and hospitalizations

Since September, 2022, bivalent mRNA vaccines—which contain elements from both the original wild type COVID strain and an updated component from the omicron strain—have replaced older style monovalent boosters in the U.S., Israel, and other countries. These vaccines were designed to help improve vaccine-induced immunity against the omicron variant and subsequent subvariants. Read more Source: […]

Heart disease: New study clarifies effectiveness of surgery for valve condition

About 24 million people around the world are affected by a type of heart valve disease called mitral regurgitation. Researchers from West Virginia University report that the rate of successful repair in the United States was more than 90% and mortality risk after surgery was less than 1% for most people. Read more Source: Medical […]

What symptoms can indicate high and low blood sugars?

When blood sugars are high, known as hyperglycemia, or low, known as hypoglycemia, people can experience a variety of symptoms that range from mild to serious. People with untreated symptoms can develop serious or life threatening complications. Read more Source: Medical News Today

Obesity: Men and women have different drivers that lead to weight gain

New research suggests that obesity affects different parts of the brain in men and women, potentially requiring sex-specific treatment options. Read more Source: Medical News Today