Genetic analysis has potential to transform diagnosis and treatment of adults with liver disease of unknown cause

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Adults suffering from liver disease of unknown cause represent an understudied and underserved patient population. A new study supports the incorporation of whole-exome sequencing (WES) in the diagnosis and management of adults suffering from unexplained liver disease and underscores its value in developing an understanding of which liver phenotypes of unknown cause in adults are […]

Night shift work linked to a higher risk of miscarriage

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Pregnant women who work at least two night shifts in 1 week may have a heightened risk of miscarriage the following week, a new study suggests. » Read more Source:

Getting a flu shot while hospitalized lowers the chance of a heart attack

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There’s now another reason to get your yearly flu shot. Not only can it protect you from the body aches, fever and fatigue associated with a bout of influenza, it may even prevent you from having a heart attack. » Read more Source:

Sugary drinks can be a factor in cardiovascular disease

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Recent research uncovers an association between sugar-sweetened drinks and an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. » Read more Source:

When is best time to get flu shot? Analysis compares scenarios

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When flu season peaks after mid-winter, tens of thousands of influenza cases and hundreds of deaths can likely be avoided if older adults wait until October to get their flu immunization. » Read more Source:

Low-dose aspirin does not seem to improve survival after prostate cancer diagnosis

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Low-dose aspirin use does not seem to reduce the overall risk for prostate cancer death at the population level, according to a new study. However, results for extended exposure periods suggest that low-dose aspirin might be inversely associated with prostate cancer mortality after 5 years from cancer diagnosis. » Read more Source:

CBD for cancer: Everything you need to know

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant gaining popularity in the world of natural medicine because it appears to offer the body many benefits. While there is some debate around the topic, some people suggest using CBD in the treatment of cancer. » Read more Source: Medical News Today

Is it safe to take Humira and alcohol together?

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Many doctors consider it safe for people to drink alcohol in moderation while taking Humira (adalimumab). However, there is little research into how alcohol and adalimumab interact, so researchers may not yet know the risks. » Read more Source:

Two treatments help dialysis patients with depression, study finds

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For almost 50 years, hemodialysis has extended lives of people with chronic kidney disease. But when a patient first learns that their kidneys have failed and dialysis is necessary to survive, it can be a jolting overture of mortality » Read more Source: Medical Xpress

Body building supplement could be bad for the brain

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People taking the protein supplement L-norvaline should be aware of its potential for harm, scientists say. » Read more Source: Medlinx