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Researchers discover how cells from tumors remain dormant for years before metastasis occurs

Researchers have solved a major mystery in cancer research: How cancer cells remain dormant for years after they leave a tumor and travel to other parts of the body, before awakening to create metastatic cancer. Read more Source: Science Daily

One in five future thyroid cancers linked to excess weight

The prevalence of obesity has doubled in Australia in the last two decades. As a result, overweight and obesity will likely be associated with 10,000 thyroid cancers in the next decade. Read more Source: Science Daily

Zinc Might Help Shorten Your Cold or Flu, Study Finds

Many people pop a zinc supplement at the first sign of a cold, and there’s new evidence supporting the habit. Australian researchers found that the supplements appear to help shorten respiratory tract infections, such as colds, flu, sinusitis and pneumonia. Read more Source: HealthDay

Burning and tingling in your feet? You may have small fiber neuropathy

The number of people experiencing numbness, tingling and pain in their feet with no known cause has been increasing over the last two decades, according at a new study. Called small fiber neuropathy, the condition has different symptoms than large fiber neuropathy, which can cause weakness and balance issues. Read more Source: Science Daily

AHA News: ‘Balance’ Is the Key Word in New Dietary Guidance for Heart Health

The latest word on heart-healthy eating is “balance.” A new report encourages people to think of broad eating habits instead of narrowly focusing on single foods. Rather than one-size-fits-all rules, it leaves room for personal preferences. Read more Source: HealthDay

Biomarker discovery can lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of asthma and COPD

Researchers have discovered that people with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have a protein in their lungs that leaks a small molecule into their bloodstream that restricts their breathing instead of relaxing their airways. The findings will help clinicians diagnose and determine the severity of chronic lung diseases and make bronchodilators more effective. Read […]

Pain, Fatigue in Rheumatoid Arthritis Tied to Sitting, Standing Time

For patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), pain and fatigue may both cause and be caused by more sitting time and less standing time, according to a study published in the October issue of Rheumatology. Read more Source: HealthDay

More Lung Cancer Patients Are Surviving, Thriving

Patients like Smith are becoming the norm, according to the American Lung Association. Significant improvements in both screening and treatment have meant that, over the last decade, the chance that a new patient will survive at least five years following a lung cancer diagnosis has shot up by a remarkable 33%. Read more Source: HealthDay

Potential strategy for fighting obesity

Scientists may have identified a method of safely mimicking the weight-loss benefits of a plant compound that — despite its harmful side effects — hold critical answers to developing therapies for obesity. Read more Source: Science Daily

Researchers target tumors with intracellular precision

A non-toxic, bacteria-based system can detect when it is inside a cancer cell and then release its payload of therapeutic drugs directly into the cell. The work could lead to effective, targeted therapies for currently untreatable cancers, such as liver or metastatic breast cancer. Read more Source: Science Daily