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You can’t reverse the aging process but these 5 things can help you live longer

There are no quick fixes or short cuts to living longer and healthier lives, but the science is clear on the key principles. Here are five things you can do to extend your lifespan and improve your health. Read more Source: Medical Xpress

America’s doctors offer 10 health resolutions as you start a new year

Still weighing whether to make a New Year’s resolution? Or perhaps regretting letting your healthy habits slide during the holidays? Either way, the American Medical Association (AMA) has ten recommendations to help Americans improve their health in 2024. Read more Source: Medical Xpress

Study finds high-fat diets impair immune, intestinal and brain health

A UC Riverside study that could motivate your New Year’s resolutions demonstrates that high-fat diets affect genes linked not only to obesity, colon cancer and irritable bowels, but also to the immune system, brain function, and potentially COVID-19 risk. Read more Source: Medical Xpress

Going dry in January could reduce risk of some types of cancers

A large international team of doctors and medical researchers has found evidence that suggests people who stop consuming alcoholic beverages can reduce their risk of developing some types of cancers. In their study, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, the group analyzed the results of multiple prior research efforts to learn more about […]

Pill-sized Device Tracks Breathing, Heart Rate From Inside the Body

A new ‘technopill’ can safely monitor a person’s vital signs from inside their bodies, researchers report. The vitals-monitoring (VM) Pill works by tracking the small vibrations in the body associated with lungs breathing and the heart beating. Read more Source: HealthDay

Poor nutrition contributes to poor mental health and risk of diabetes, research finds

According to the findings, mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and diabetes is also linked with an increased risk of developing depression and anxiety. Nutrition interventions can aid in both of these health issues. Read more Source: Medical Xpress

8 heart-healthy habits may slow biological aging by up to 6 years, researchers say

Using Life’s Essential 8 (diet, physical activity, nicotine exposure, sleep health, BMI, cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure) to measure biological age, researchers discovered those who had the highest score had a biological age that was on average six years younger than their actual age. Aiming to maintain a high Essential 8 score may not […]

Younger people are more vulnerable to the damaging effects of high blood cholesterol and hypertension, study shows

Young people may be more susceptible to the effects of the risk factors for developing atherosclerosis. According to a study carried out at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC), younger people are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of elevated blood cholesterol and hypertension, two of the major modifiable cardiovascular risk factors. Read more […]

Single dose of an experimental drug helped lower blood pressure for 6 months

An investigational drug called zilebesiran has been found to be safe and effective in reducing systolic blood pressure in people with mild-to-moderate high blood pressure for up to six months with just one injection. These findings from the drug’s phase 2 clinical trial were recently presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2023. Read […]

Semaglutide could benefit millions of Americans with obesity, heart disease

Semaglutide (brand name: Wegovy) has the potential to markedly reduce the risk of heart attacks and other heart-related conditions among millions of Americans with obesity who have also been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, a Yale study shows. Read more Source: Medical Xpress