Higher potato consumption associated with increased risk of high blood pressure

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Higher intakes of boiled, baked, or mashed potatoes, and French fries is associated with an increased risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension) in adult women and men. » Read more Source: Science Daily

Men also at risk for osteoporosis

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Screening women for osteoporosis is now routine, however, when it comes to men, most are never screened and therefore suffer the consequences of the disease. In the U.S., nearly 1.5 million men over 65 have osteoporosis, and another 3.5 million men are at risk for developing the disease. » Read more Source: Science Daily

Portion Control for Better Diabetes Management

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Taking control of the portions of food you eat is a key strategy for controlling your diabetes. Portion control can help you lose weight or limit the intake of food that’s bad for you. Watching and limiting what you eat is especially important if you take a non-insulin injectable, but everyone with diabetes can make […]

The 10 Best Low-Glycemic Foods

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The foods that will help you the most to manage your diabetes are the ones that will have little or no effect on your blood glucose. These are the foods  that are mostly or entirely protein and fat. Carbohydrates, particularly starch and sugar, have a much greater effect. Fiber is also carbohydrate, but it actually […]

Exposure to tobacco smoke in the home increases childhood illnesses, health care demand

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Children who live with smokers end up in the doctor’s office or hospital more often than those not exposed to tobacco smoke, according to new research. » Read more Source: Science Daily

CDC Collaborative Study: Influenza Important Cause of Respiratory Hospitalizations Worldwide

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A study by CDC authors and global partners published today in the journal PLOS Medicine looked at influenza surveillance data from 350 sites in 60 countries and found that influenza was responsible for about 10% of respiratory hospitalizations in all children younger than 18 years worldwide, with a range by age group of 5% to […]

April is STD Awareness Month

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Starting this STD Awareness Month, CDC is calling on individuals and healthcare providers to take three simple actions: Talk. Test. Treat. Remember these three words, learn what they mean and how to apply them, and then carry out these important healthy habits all year long! » Read more Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Tuberculosis (TB) Disease: Symptoms & Risk Factors

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Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by bacteria that are spread through the air from person to person. If not treated properly, TB disease can be fatal. People infected with TB bacteria who are not sick may still need treatment to prevent TB disease from developing in the future. Learn to recognize the symptoms of […]

The Surprising Truth About Prediabetes

Category: Healthcare News

It’s real. It’s common. And most importantly, it’s reversible. You can stop prediabetes from developing into type 2 diabetes with simple, proven lifestyle changes. » Read more Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Category: Healthcare News

Learn more about the Zika virus, how it spreads, what symptoms to look for, and how to protect your family. » Read more Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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